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YouTube is the second largest search engine. Many people make search engine optimization (SEO) for Google and what is not built is SEO YouTube, though it can earn you much more search traffic than Google does.

Today we will be talking about a comprehensive guide to YouTube and how to search engines in more detail.

Basic tips for YouTube and YouTube Search results:
Rename your video file using a targeted keyword.
Enter your keyword normally in the video title.
Improve your video description.
Tag your video with popular keywords related to your topic.
Sort your video.
Upload a custom thumbnail of your video.
Use the SRT file to add closed captions and annotations.
Add cards and end screens to increase your channel’s visibility on YouTube.
These are the basic steps we will talk about in detail in this article.

Rename your video file using a targeted keyword:
SEO tools will use SEO to determine which keywords you want to focus on first and we will talk about these tools later.

You must place the keyword specified in the title before you upload it to YouTube and therefore improve YouTube’s SEO for your channel, but why? Because YouTube can not watch your video for relevance to your targeted keyword, and as you’ll learn in the tips below, there are only a few places where you can safely insert that keyword into your video view page, but YouTube can read the video file name And all the code attached to it when it is loaded.

For example, replace the video name with “” with the required keyword. If your keyword is “SEO YouTube”, for example, your video file name must be ”
YouTube “followed by your preferred video file type (MOV, MP4 and WMV are the most popular YouTube-compatible).

Enter your keyword normally in the video title:
When looking for videos, the title is the first thing that attracts our eyes. This often determines whether the viewer will see the view or not, so the title should not only be convincing, but also clear, concise and engaging.

Although your keyword plays a big part in your video title, it also helps if the title matches what the viewer is looking for. Research by the famous Backlinko website found that exact-word videos in the title had a slight advantage over those who did not. The following is a linear presentation of these results:

Therefore, when using your target keyword in your headline may help you rank and hold that word on YouTube, author Brian Dean explains, “The relationship between video titles and keyword rankings” shows that it is not always a strong relationship. But it’s a good idea to improve your title for this keyword as long as it fits naturally with a headline that attracts viewers to watch your video.

Finally, make sure you keep your title fairly short – Alicia Collins, the HubSpot campaign manager, recommends that the address be limited to 60 characters to help prevent it from leaving the results pages. So we’ve explained this point in detail to improve YouTube’s SEO for your siblings.

Improve your video description:
The first things you should know: According to Google, the character limit in the YouTube video description is 1000 characters. Although it is acceptable to use all this space, but remember that the viewer probably came here to watch a video, not to read an article.

If you choose to write a longer description, keep in mind that YouTube only displays the first two or three lines of text – up to 100 characters. After this point, viewers must click “Show more” to see the full description. For this reason we suggest that you pay attention to writing in the description first the most important information.

Flag your video with popular keywords related to your theme.
The Official Creator Academy on YouTube suggests tags to inform viewers about your video content. You not only inform viewers, but also tell YouTube about your video content.

In this way, YouTube detects how to link your video to similar videos, which can increase the reach of your content. But choosing your own labels should be wiser. Do not use a non-tag that is relevant to your position because you think it will get more views, but in fact, Google may punish.

Your video rating:
Once you’ve uploaded a video, you can categorize it as “Advanced Settings”, one of the most important steps to improve your YouTube’s YouTube seo.

Choosing another category to group your video with similar content on YouTube is also a good option to appear on different playlists and gain more viewers who subscribe to your YouTube channel.

This is not as simple as it seems. But in fact, the YouTube Academy Creator Academy suggests that marketers do a comprehensive process to identify the category to which each video belongs, so they can double your YouTube views and bring you the largest audience interested in videos.

Upload a custom thumbnail to your video results link:
The thumbnail of your video is the images the viewer sees when scrolling through the video results list. Beside the title of the video, that thumbnail sends a reference to the viewer about the video’s content, so it can affect the number of clicks and video views it receives.

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