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Electrical Control Systems

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Objectives of the electrical control system Students will be able to model a physical system using mathematical equations. In addition to studying the behavior of the system and determining whether it is stable or unstable. In the event of instability, the engineer works to improve it so that the control system achieves the purpose for which it was designed. The basic role of the engineer is to control the design and development of equipment that monitors the efficiency of engineering systems and machines. Control engineers can work in a variety of sectors, but they often work in the automotive, construction and manufacturing industries.

Did you wonder about the design strategies behind temperature controllers, quadruple helicopters, or self-balancing scooters?

Are you interested in robotic machines, have you heard of “Path Planing” or “PID Controller” and want to understand more?

If this lesson is designed for you. Through the study of the control systems material will be able to define the functions and components of control systems and rings and patterns of control. As well as the ability to draw the schematic diagram of a particular control system, write the function of moving the first and second order systems and their response to the step signal. You will also be able to determine the final control process and calculate the correct size of the control valve.

The content of the scientific material has been distributed to several different fields of education. The first area of ​​education is entitled Introduction to Control Systems Technology, which reviewed the stages of development of control systems technology throughout the ages, as well as the definition of the basic elements of the control system with some basic concepts.

The second field of study contains a detailed explanation of the transport function and control rings. It also contains an explanation of the open control loop and the closed control loop. We also discussed the types of control systems in terms of time equation, transport function,

The third area of ​​education deals with the modeling of dynamic systems. Followed by the fourth and fifth fields to explain and introduce the first and second order systems. The general formulas of the first and second order systems, their transfer function and their response to the step signal using Laplace transforms were discussed. While the sixth area is to study the effectiveness of second-order systems compared to first-order systems. And in the latter field, which is a very important subject in the control systems because it is related to the design of systems. Where we can see whether our control system is stable or unstable. This technique is known as the LOCUS ROOT and how to plot its own graphical representation, which in turn is used to determine whether the system is stable or unstable.

Therefore, we recommend that you apply on our online scale to learn more and understand the mechanisms more.

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