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How To Take Advantage Of The Popular Trend In Youtube To Achieve Millions Of Views

One of the best ways to reach the top of search engine results on YouTube is to be among the first creators to make a video about the popular trend in YouTube.

But how do you know the popular trend in YouTube ?? If you are a diffuse type such as beauty or technology, it is not impossible to follow the latest news and trends, but you are likely to hear about things such as news of actors, ball players, a famous event or a certain dance. This should begin with a thorough and quick search of the popular trend in YouTube .

This is what Google Trends provides, which is a completely free tool that you can use to determine the trend that is popular on YouTube or in Google. Here’s how to use Google Trends to see the trend in YouTube and create a video before there’s too much competition.

Vision and analysis of results in full:
Google Trends

First, you’ll need to sign in to your Google Account to use Google Trends.

You can start from and you will see what spreads daily in real time and not only daily. You can analyze the results weekly, monthly, and even annually. The target area can be defined and we will talk about this in detail.

A popular trend in YouTube is usually hot news, things like sports finals, dances or artists, and news

The data and results are shown as shown in the top, divided into three, which are “distinct visions”. You’ll see three of the most common and graphically-searched topics. Under these there will be a list of elements that you can turn to. You can click it to see the search datasets and special links that the event has been covered on the Internet.

These may not be the topics you want to cover so you can skip the three most common topics on YouTube and start looking at the rest of the proposed topics, but you should watch the search to make sure it will suit you and it is profitable well.

For more information related to your channel, you have to do some key filtering that forces the site to give you the results you want and that’s what we’ll talk about next.

Get results that interest you from the popular trend in YouTube:
On the main Google Trend page, scroll down to the “Recent Trending” section and click More Trending Searches.

Then click Daily Search Trends and then “Realtime Search Trends”
Common trend in real time “.

Then at the top, you’ll see two drop-down menus, one for the category and one for the site.

2 single category and one dedicated to the site.
Under All categories, select the general theme for your channel.

Your choices are Business, Entertainment, Health, Science / Technology, Sports and Top News.

It may be that your channel does not fall under any of these topics, but you can still have topics that are relevant to you in other categories. For example, if you have a beauty channel, you may find something that interests you under health or recreation and if you do not find a heading to another categories section.

Under the “Location” list, choose the region that most viewers of your channel belong to. This is not related to your country, but in your country, your current and target audience, for example, you can be in Egypt and most of your viewers who are sympathetic to you in the United States. If you’re not sure where your viewers are, you can select it through Creator Studio in Analytics. You’ll find “viewer analytics.”

Narrow your results:
Once you’ve narrowed your results, you can then choose the popular trend in YouTube related to your channel theme and then start creating creative videos.

For example, if you have a game channel and are looking for a game-related theme to record a video from, you’ll be looking under the Sci / Tech section. If you look at this category today (April 15, 2019) and locate the United States, these are the top 5 results that will show you:

Top 5 results under Sci / Tech section
When you see the results you will choose the result that you will have a strong reaction on whether you feel familiar with them or do not know them. In my opinion these are the most powerful results, then you cover this frequency in your channel and in this way you have targeted the popular trend in YouTube for Your channel.

Clicking on these results will also give you more specific data, including the number of times you searched for the topic recently and links to recent news articles. It can give you a better idea of ​​why it’s spreading and help you come up with a proper description of it.

If search results for your keyword are dominated by large channels with millions of views, try searching with your second best keyword and see if there’s a stronger chance for you to rank in search results.

Conclusion of the popular trend in YouTube:
YouTube is one of the largest platforms today and it occupies the second position in the search engines, but you must exploit and target the popular trend in YouTube to get the largest number of possible views in a short time it will provide you a large income and this equation can make your video Trend Here you will know the meaning of big profit and almost continuously.

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