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Introduction to the language of the Sharp

The Sharp language is one of the most important languages ​​used in Object Oriented Programming, and the number of programmers using it can not be denied. In the latest statistics for the site (The Software Quality Company), Sharp language is ranked sixth among the programming languages ​​used the world.

C # Programming Tutorial

Object Oriented Programming is used.
Easy to learn.
We can program a lot by Sharp Sharp (Console application, Windows application, Web application, Games, mobile application).
History of Sharp language:
The C Sharp language was created by Microsoft in 2002 and is based on Java and C ++ Plus. It works on an environment called .Net Framework. The first version was 1.0 and now the latest version is 6.0.

Under the umbrella of the .Net Framework, many of the languages ​​that follow to Microsoft include:

Visual Basic
C ++ .NET
What is the Net Framework? ?
In order >> Net Application. Then the Net Framework. Then Operating System, then Hard Ware, and you can use this link as a link from the application to the operating system and the hardware and ware of the device, and thus provides many features and additions where it contains many libraries help you while writing code and helps to convert code to the computer and responsible for security (Security) and space (Memory) and it is in the IDE you will work on which will speak later in the same article.

By shortening the functionality of the Framework Framework.

How to start with Sharp
To start learning Sharp programming you must first learn the basics and then determine the next goal whether learning Windows applications, the web, games, or mobile applications.

To learn the basics we need to download the program on which we will write Visual Studio IDE 2017.

We will learn how to program Sharp Sharp step by step with ease in the articles on the site so please continue with us
But what is the IDE
Is the place to write the code and each language of its IDE, which provides programmers a lot while writing the code it provides the following features:

Editor (place to write code)
Linked to Compiler (converts the High Level Language to the 0 & 1 languages ​​understood by the computer). Sharp is a Compiler system that converts code once to the computer language.
Debugging (Error Locating and Troubleshooting)
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First C Sharp Program (C # First Program)
#C, Sharp Sharp

After typing the code shown in the image, click the word start with a tag in the image to show us the output Out Put

Sea Sharp

Explanation code

Net Libraries. : As we mentioned the importance of the IDE is the existence of libraries that help the programmer to provide many lines of code and we were able to use some functions such as Console.Write, which works to print the text inside and so on.
Namespace Name is the container that contains many Classes which we will expel later.
() Console.Write is a function that prints the text inside it, which must be between the quotation marks “” to print the text to be considered as text. There is a difference between Console.Write and Console.WriteLine the last function after printing down a line to print or whatever the next command line is.
Console.ReadLine This function accepts a new variable from the screen, but why we typed it because after printing the console screen will close immediately so we left this function to make the screen wait for any value.
If you have any problems downloading or installing the studio, please leave a comment below the article and we will reply to you.


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