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The future of data mining in 2019

The Bradford Academy offers a detailed data mining course. In this article, we will learn about the details of the course, its importance to the labor market, and some future projections for Data Mining in 2019.

However, before discussing the subject of the data mining course, let us know together about the meaning of data mining and its importance to the success of the business in public and private institutions, how to benefit from it to achieve the best results and methods of application, in addition to the factors of success or failure of the idea, and what influences make data mining process Effective to achieve amazing results for the benefit of enterprises

Data mining applications
Data mining course and teaching example:
Bradford provides a live example of a data mining course that gives you an overview of what data mining or data mining is, and its importance in transforming non-useful information into an extract of knowledge that can improve performance and efficiency, In other areas, Data Mining helps to achieve the best results and achieve a remarkable success rate for the company’s products.

You can find a brief introduction to Bradford’s data mining course, an example to illustrate the importance of extracting important information from the collected information and making use of it in the field of work by visiting the following link:

What is data mining?
Data mining or data mining is the process of analyzing data collected to transform complex algorithms and large amounts of data into easily manageable data, plan on them and set some future expectations that help in the decision making process for business success. Returns to the institution of benefit and profit.

The data consists of 3 sections:

Data in their initial image before analysis, called Data.
The data after the process of analysis and access to useful information, called Information.
And information that allows us to predict how the product marketing process will proceed in such a way as to ensure a huge sales rate, called Knowledge.
Methods of Data Mining:
The process of data mining requires many components, through which the process goes through several stages that we learn in the data mining cycle, from the conversion of raw materials (preliminary data before analysis), to the analysis and purification stage (data analysis for information) (Evaluation of the extent to which information can be used and developed for use in decision-making). Therefore, data mining is one of the most important processes that contribute to the definition of operational plans and strategies of the institution, Strategies used to increase the company’s profits, and reduce the expected losses by avoiding the factors that accrue to them.

Explanation of data mining
Factors Affecting Data Quality:
Noise Noise:

What is meant here is the interference and distortion of the data, which affects its usefulness of use. If the noise and noise ratio in the collected primary data becomes unusable, new data must be obtained.

If the data noise and noise ratio in a frame can be contained, then the data passes through the filtering and filtering process, in order to obtain the information that qualifies us to reach the knowledge and expectations of the institution in future plans.

Data replication:

Duplicate data wastes the time and money spent in preparing the data collection process for useful information that can be used.


Which is variable in noise, where the noise negatively affects the quality of the collected data, which in turn affects both the analysis and purification processes, and the changing factors are attempted to be discovered and then eliminated; so that we can purge data from all impurities, And to extract sound information useful in data analysis and decision-making.

Loss of data over time:

The needs of consumers and customers change over time, so data becomes lost and damaged after they become unused, affecting the quality of data analysis and exploration.

Data Mining Projects
Forecasts for data mining in 2019:
Having proven the importance of data mining in all areas of different public and private institutions, it is expected that the data mining and analytical ability to extract useful information is one of the most important conditions for obtaining the job of your dreams. You can learn more about the data analysis by registering in the exploration course Paid data provided by Bradford to students specializing in the fields of business management and electronic systems, where the qualification of the student or trainee to be able to professional data mining, which qualifies him to go into the work life with all the strength and sweep o S work successfully based on the advanced study of real experience.
Data mining is expected to be used by all institutions in the developing world who wish to progress and achieve success, which will help to raise the country’s economic level.
It is expected that the budget for the data mining process will increase because of the correct expectations which in turn helped many institutions to achieve success and the invasion of the global markets, as happened with Amazon for e-marketing, and the subsequent international companies and major institutions.
Despite the risk of data mining, which is focused on penetrating data of users and citizens in general, in order to identify the most used products and integrate with other products to improve the sale, and represents cyberspace is a real security disaster in which users are deceived and stolen, making the so-called privacy on the Internet Is impossible, so many customers and users are exposed to exploitation.

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